Salt / Salinity Refractometer

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An easy to use Digital Pocket Salt / Salinity Refractometer, perfect for hobbyist to commercial use of measuring the concentration of salt or salinity.

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High Accuracy Digital Handheld Pocket Refractometer / Salt Salinity Refractometer

Our digital salinity salt refractometer is suitable for almost any substance, food, drink, sauce, soup, fruit juice, jam almost any substance is able to be read by our smart salt refractometer. Our refractometers uses an optical glass prism which results in accurate optical testing. Our salt refractometer also uses a backlight function which further enhances our large screen which would makes it easy to read for the consumer. Not to mention, our salt refractometer is also water resistant.

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Range:0.0 ~ 28.0%
ATC Function includedTemperature Compensation  10 ~ 60℃
Temperature Range:0 ~ 70℃
Measurement time:Within 3 Seconds
Auto shut-off function:After 2 minutes of inactivity
Automatic screen brightness controlYes
Usage Environment:10 ~ 40 ℃
Idle Sample Volume:0.5ml
Water resistant:Yes, Splash Proof
Power Source:1.5V x 2(AAA alkaline)
Size:58(W) x 36(D) x 122(H)mm
Weight:149g (including batteries and detachable cover)